9 Best SEBI Registered Telegram Channels in India(2023)

Telegram is one of India’s trending social media platforms, especially for trading. There are plenty of Telegram channels available that offer free tips, advice, views, and charts to traders. For all kinds of stock market tips, including intraday tips, options tips, and delivery calls, Telegram is one of the best sources.
With so many trading Telegram channels out there, not all of them are SEBI registered. In this article, we have provided the list of top SEBI Registered telegram channels that you can join to stay updated with the latest stock recommendations and tips.

List of Top 19 SEBI Registered Telegram Channels in India

Channel NameSubscribersLink
StockPro_Online333KJoin Now
chaseAlpha42KJoin Now
equity99179KJoin Now
Neha010325.7KJoin Now
SharesNservices22.3KJoin Now
StockMarketTodayUpdates29.9KJoin Now
eqwires12.5KJoin Now
stockboxtrading26.2KJoin Now
abhayvarn24.3KJoin Now
deltatrading114.8KJoin Now
Stockwizardd13.8KJoin Now
Intradat12.03KJoin Now
Asmita_Patel_SEBI20.8KJoin Now

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1. StockPro Online

StockPro is a popular trading Telegram channel managed by Dr Seema Jain, who is a SEBI registered research analyst. On this channel, you can find reliable and timely information about stocks, market trends and other positional trading options.
To get in-depth insights on investment and trading, you can also take advantage of premium courses offered by StockPro.


  • 98% accuracy in their trading calls  
  • Offer finest equity calls along with positional stock updates
  • Exclusive morning sessions for discussing topics
  • Specialization in bank nifty and options trade

2. Chase Alpha

Another SEBI-registered Telegram channel you can join is Chase Alpha. Here you can get free calls and stock market views. It is one of the best channels to join for options trading in nifty and bank nifty.


  • Free channel
  • Exclusive courses for the stock market
  • Helpful for options and event trading

3. Equity99

Equity99 is one of the best channels for trading as they provide a transparent and balanced study of the stock market. The key focus of their channel is that they offer both short- and long-term investment tips for stocks as well as mutual funds. At Equity99, investors and subscribers can get regular comprehensive reports.


  • Authentic calls
  • 90% accuracy
  • Tips with proper stop-loss strategies

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4. Financial Independence Services

Financial Independence Services or FIS is another popular SEBI-registered channel on Telegram for people who are looking for free calls and tips. Their aim is to help people achieve financial independence.


  • Free calls
  • Regular free charts and technical analysis
  • They specialize in nifty and bank nifty calls, 
  • Also, provide options trading and intraday trading calls

5. SharesNservices.com

SharesNservices is another SEBI-registered free Telegram channel for stock market trading and investing. They provide free calls and tips on their channel. However, they also offer a wide range of premium courses at cost-effective prices. SharesNservices are known for its unbiased and accurate advice with over 25 years of experience.


  • Intraday, finance and positional trading services
  • Free channel
  • Research calls and other tips

6. SMT

SMT is a trading Telegram channel that is SEBI as well as NISM certified. They provide trade calls for nifty, bank nifty, equity funds and much more. With this channel, you will gain a lot of trading knowledge that will help you in the long run.


  • Specializes in nifty, bank nifty, and equity
  • Trade effortlessly by learning multiple trading strategies
  • Regular updates on the stock market
  • Daily trading calls

7. Stock Gainers Training

Led by SEBI-registered analyst Kapil Verna, Stock gainers training is another stock market Telegram channel. If you are a beginner interested in learning about the stock market and investing, then this channel is for you. With the help of their provided calls, charts, and data, you can analyze and study stock market behaviour.


  • Free tips and information
  • In-depth learning about the stock market with their training programs
  • Learn about swing and positional trading
  • Daily update on the stock market

8. Eqwires Research Analyst

If you are into intraday trading, then Eqwires is the right trading channel for you. They provide up to 7-9 high-quality trades along with 12 different packages of stock trading services to choose from. Since they are SEBI-registered investment advisors, all the investment tips they offer are genuine and well-researched.


  • Futures and options intraday tips
  • Great platform for learning about the stock market
  • Free counselling webinars on equities and technical analysis

9. Patel Wealth

Patel Wealth is another stock trading Telegram channel managed by Minish Patel; an experienced SEBI registered research analyst. On this channel, you can get various intraday and positional tips.


  • Intraday stock options call
  • Free intraday tips


Another Telegram channel for trading is VG STOCK RESEARCH, which offers free helpful information about the stock market. They specialize in offering nifty and bank nifty trades.


  • Regular stock market tips
  • Best for nifty and bank nifty trades
  • Free tips and genuine stock market information
  • Updates on upcoming IPOs and trades 

11. Stockbox Trading

Stockbox Trading (SEBI Registered) is a telegram channel that made its mark in the trading world. With a team that holds 15+ years of experience in the stock market, this channel offers recommendations on options trading. Furthermore, you get daily free calls from trading experts on nifty, bank nifty, and equity calls. If this wasn’t enough, they also share daily performance reports in the group.


  • Free and Premium Services are Available
  • Good customer support
  • Equity/Cash calls provided

12. Trading with CA Abhay

As the name explains this channel was created by CA Abhay who is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst with an experience of more than 5 years. This channel offers recommendations on equity, nifty & bank nifty options along with price action, derivatives, chart analysis and detailed educational content. Additionally, they also offer short-term and long-term calls with high accuracy.


  • Daily Free Profitable calls
  • Chart Analysis
  • Good quality performance


Started in October 2022, DELTA TRADING is a telegram channel that is run by SEBI Registered Research Analysts. This channel provides daily trading updates for free along with equity and futures & options calls for intraday and swing trading. With their jackpot intraday and bank nifty calls you can earn the maximum profit.


  • Chart and Market Updates
  • 100% Free Channel
  • Daily Free Calls

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Above, we have listed some of the best SEBI-registered telegram channels. All these are esteemed channels and offer good-quality calls. Always keep in mind that the stock market involves risk, and investment must be done with caution.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned details are for knowledge purposes ONLY. The User, while opting for the desired telegram channel, shall act at their own discretion, and such decisions made by the Users shall not hold us liable for any uncertainty in the future.

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