Money Earning Games (July 2023): Top 10 Best Paytm cash-earning games in India

Not a Fan of Football or Cricket? Try These Indoor Games to Earn Paytm Cash!

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra income while indulging in your favorite games, Paytm has got you covered. Say goodbye to the traditional job routine and embrace a new opportunity where playing games can actually earn you Paytm cash.

With millions of users, Paytm is India’s leading digital payment platform. Beyond just transferring money, you can now earn cash by playing Paytm games. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to start making a decent income through online gaming.

Feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options available? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 safest, most trusted, and legal Paytm cash-earning games to help you get started. The money you earn can be used for bill payments, recharges, online transfers, and even bank transfers.

Don’t let your gaming skills go to waste – start earning Paytm cash today!

Why play Paytm cash-earning games?

There are many online games out there that allow you to play and earn, so why choose Paytm cash earning? The biggest reason to play Paytm cash is it’s 100% legal, secure and safe. Most online gaming sites are fake and commit fraud with their users.

Paytm allows you to earn money most simply with lots of exciting rewards. In addition, Paytm has hundreds of exciting and engaging games to play online. So, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to earn a good amount of money, keep reading the blog until the end.

Top 10 Paytm cash-earning games

1. Winzo Gold Game

Winzo Gold Game

Winzo Gold is one of the oldest online gaming platforms, which has over 70 different types of games. Unlike other online gaming platforms, you don’t need hundreds of rupees to start and win. On Winzo Gold, you only need Rs. 2 to enter any game. Furthermore, apart from gaming Winzo Gold allows players to earn money through referrals. Whenever someone downloads a Winzo Gold application through your referral link, you will get Rs. 34 as a reward.

How to earn money with Winzo Gold Game?

There are two primary ways to earn money from Winzo Gold.

  • Participating, playing, and winning games like Pool, Carrom, et al.
  • Referral – you get a cash reward when someone downloads the Winzo Gold game through your referral link

Pros and cons of Winzo Gold Game

70+ games to choose fromNot available on the Play Store
Referral systemInitial investment required
Easy to play and doesn’t require any skillsNot available in certain states in India

2. Zupee


Zupee is like a mini Kaun Banega Crorepati, where you get rewards and cash prizes for answering questions. There are 500 different topics to echo from one and earn a good amount of cash. If you have a solid grasp on a particular topic, read the daily news, or know what’s happening around the world, then Zupee is for you. It’s 100 safe% and legal, with an over 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store, which makes Zupee a trustable online gaming platform.

How to earn money with Zupee?

  • Zupee is different from other games on the list as in this app, you need to participate in quizzes and win. Players can start a quiz on any topic and earn cash rewards for giving the correct answers.

Pros and cons of Winzo Zupee

Many games and quizzesRisk of losing money
95 market share in casual gamingPayment issues
500+ topics for quizzes

3. mRewards


The next Paytm cash-earning game is rewarding and is more than an online gaming platform. mRewards allow them to play and earn in more than one way like you can play games, referral links, and surveys. In mRewards, after completing and winning every game, you get coins, and after reaching 1000 coins, you can transfer them to your Paytm Wallet. However, the only down part is that you can only redeem your amount one timer per day, and it needs to be a minimum of Rs 10.

How to earn Paytm Cash with mRewards?

There are multiple ways to earn with mRewards;

  • Most popular is playing and winning games.
  • You can also earn by completing surveys where you need to answer questions as per your experience
  • mRewards allow making money through its referral links

Pros and cons of mRewards

Refer system to earn moreMinimum withdrawal amount required
Easy transfer to PayTmLess earnings as compared to other apps
Many games and quizzesEarnings can be redeemed only once a day

4. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is an online gaming platform with over 200 games. You can earn thousands by playing popular games like Rummy, Ludo, and many more. There are many different reasons to choose Paytm First Games to play online games. Some of them are that you can instantly withdraw your money, it’s legal and safe, full 24×7 support from Paytm, and a high-class gaming experience.

How to earn Paytm cash with Paytm First Games?

On Paytm First Games, players can choose from 200 different online games and earn cash.

  • In Paytm First Games, players can make money by participating in various sports like cricket or football, and they can select their team
  • Players can claim daily bonuses to earn money

Pros and cons of Paytm First Games

Over 200 games to choose fromReferral program is confusing
Easy and clean UIRequires knowledge of fantasy sports
Fast withdrawal processID verification required

5. Gamezop App

Gamezop App

There are only a few Paytm Cash-earning games you can play on your PC or browser, and Gamezop App is one of them. You can play Gamezop App on any browser and device like a Phone, Laptop, Tablet, and Desktop. In addition, Gamezop App provides many more games than other gaming applications. Last, Gamezop allows users to transfer money to Paytm Cash and their bank accounts.

How to earn money with Gamezop App?

  • Referrals are one of the ways to make money from the Gamezop App
  • Another way to make money by simply playing games in Gamezop App

Pros and cons of Gamezop App

Can play on PC and smartphoneNot available on Google Play and Apple Store
Runs on an internet browserNegative reviews
Referral system for earning moreAds can be annoying

6. Ace2three (A23)

Ace2three (A23)

Like other online gaming platforms on the list, Ace2three (A23) also provides different types of games and methods to earn money. Ace2three’s most popular game is rummy, allowing you to play nine different types of rummy. Apart from rummy, players can also play carrom, poker, and pool. In addition, Ace2three gives the highest welcome bonus, which is 175% of any other gaming platform.

How to earn money with Ace2three?

If you like card games, Ace2three is the best option for you to make money.

  • Ace2three offers various online card games a player can take part in and win to make money.
  • The amazing thing is that there isn’t any limit to your earnings in Ace2three.

Pros and cons of Ace2three

Play online rummy with real peopleCan be addicting
Referral systemSteep learning curve
Outstanding cash prizesLimited games

7. Gamezy Fantasy & Gaming App

Gamezy Fantasy & Gaming App

Gamezy Fantasy & Gaming App is a fantasy gaming platform where you can enter any game with only Rs. 25 entry fees. In Gamez Fantasy, players can play games like Ludo, Carrom, Pool, and popular games like Fruit Slice. The biggest reason to play the Gamezy Fantasy app is its 100% cash bank offer. Gamzey allows its users to get 100% cashback on their first game top-up.

How to earn money with Gamezy Fantasy?

  • In the Gamezy Fantasy app, players must participate in any game with an entry amount
  • After winning the game, the players will get rewards according to their invested amount
  • You can also save money with Gamezy with your first top, where you get 100% cashback

Pros and cons of Gamezy Fantasy

Big prizes for winnersWithdrawal limitations
Good brand valueRequires KYC for account approval
Available on Play Store and Apple StoreBad customer support

8. GameTruz


GameTruz is a relatively new gaming app in the online world, and it only has two games. The good part is that new apps always provide better rewards and bonuses that are already available. If you need help earning through other Paytm Cash-earning apps, then you can use GameTruz. Moreover, after winning, you can immediately withdraw your money to your Paytm wallet without any difficulty or restrictions.

How to earn money with GameTruz?

  • Every game in GameTruz requires a participation fee, but an average player can win most matches.

Pros and cons of GameTruz

Easy transfer to PaytmNot available on the Play Store and Apple Store
Better reward systemOnly two games to play
Easy-to-play gamesEvery game requires an entry fee

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9. Galo


Want to earn money by playing games but need more time for that? Then Galo is for you. Galo is a popular online gaming application that allows its players to earn hundreds of rupees by playing quick 10-minute games. In addition, you can make money by playing games, watching ads, completing tasks, and many more exciting challenges. There are only so many apps that allow their players to withdraw their winning amount instantly, but on Galo, you can instantly transfer your money to Paytm Cash.

How to earn money with Galo?

  • You can earn money in Galo simply by playing and winning games
  • Players can complete easy and simple tasks and challenges in Galo if more is needed
  • There is a section from which you can earn by watching ads and completing quick challenges

Pros and cons of Galo

Multiple games to choose fromNot available for iOS devices
Spin and wing games to earn instantlySeveral bugs are still not fixed
Referral systemAds can be annoying

10. EarnEasy


EarnEasy is not just an online game app but also allows users to earn throws by completing their exciting challenges. Players can earn money by doing daily work like mobile recharge, food and drinks order, and referral. Besides rewards and money EarnEasy gives lots of discount offers to its users, which can help you save thousands of rupees on brand deals.

How to earn money with EarnEasy?

EarnEasy is one of the best online games players can use to make money.

  • One of the ways to earn money from EarnEasy is to refer it to your friends and family.
  • Players can also participate and complete challenges for some extra bucks

Pros and cons of EarnEasy

Earn money via games, recharging through the appBad reviews and ratings
Works on Andriod and iOS devicesConfusing customer care service
Easy referral system to earn more moneyAds can be annoying


This is all you need to know about the best Paytm Cash Earning games. There are many options to choose from, and it becomes quite confusing for new gamers who want to play and earn. Paytm First Games, A2three Game, and Gamezy are the most popular choices among gamers. But the good part of having so many platforms is that you can choose one depending on your core strength.

You can go with Zupee if you have good knowledge about a particular topic or if you think you are better than any other, then go with a2three (A23). These games allow players to earn money very engagingly, but they can be addictive, so play them at your own risk.

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