Discover the limitless potential of earning money online from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the incredible accessibility of the internet. Say goodbye to the monotonous 9 to 5 routine while still securing a substantial income by exploring the world of online jobs.

When it comes to seizing online earning opportunities without any upfront investment, the possibilities are abundant within our thriving ecosystem. To simplify your quest, we’ve curated an exceptional compilation of effortless methods to earn money online in India, sans any financial commitment. Explore the list below and embark on your journey to financial freedom.

Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Online Money-Making Journey

List of Top 25 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment in India 2023

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate income graph with Affiliate marketing written on it.
Affiliate income graph with Affiliate marketing written on it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. It means promoting products or services made by another company and earning a commission. You don’t need any initial investment to start affiliate marketing. Get started by joining an affiliate network free of cost, like EarnKaro, and promote deals and offers to your network.

A few of the niches that you can choose are:

  • Technology
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Gaming
Average Income ₹3.0 LPA
Required Skills No minimum qualification is required. Basic marketing knowledge can be a plus.

Click the button below and start your affiliate marketing journey today. You can even check our Affiliate marketing guide to know it inside out.

2. Earn Money By Clicking Ads

Pay Per Click Image
Pay Per Click written

Are you aware that you can get paid by clicking on ads? Yes, it’s true. You can supplement your income by joining these sites for free and viewing ads. Some of these sites even pay you to play games or take online surveys. Here are some best apps to earn money by clicking ads:

As most of these are not Indian websites, it’s important to keep your KYC documents in place as earnings from abroad can come under the scanner of Income Tax authorities.

EarnKaro Banner
EarnKaro Banner

3. Content writing

Girl engaged in writing content
Girl engaged in writing content

If you writing content is something you are passionate about, then why not turn it into a career? Many writers have done content writing and blogging careers and earned significant money.

Writers usually earn money per word, meaning the more words you write, the more you can earn from it. You can start blogging on free websites like, or if you are up for some investment, you can set up your website.

Average Income ₹3.0 LPA
Required Skills Research skills, SEO knowledge, staying updated with trends, creative writing

4. Online Survey Jobs

Survey Form
Survey Form

Online survey jobs are the most fun and easy way to earn money online without investment. Many sites pay their members in points. Most surveys are worth up to 250 points, and members can take an average of four surveys every month. Most of these online survey sites are market research companies that make members take up surveys for their products and services. Though the earning capacity is not a lot in such jobs, it can still suffice given the effort put in by members. Some of the legit sites for online survey jobs in India and worldwide are:

5. Online Tutoring Jobs

Student taking class online
The student taking online class

Online tutoring jobs are best for those who like to interact with students and have a college degree along with some teaching experience. You will need to conduct online tutoring sessions via a webcam. Online tutors working for a company are paid about $12 per hour. This amount can go up to $30 per hour as per the subject taught and the experience of the tutor. Some online tutoring sites that you can explore are:

Average Income ₹0.5 – ₹3.0 LPA
Required Skills Thorough knowledge of the subject, communication and technical skills

6. Online Proofreading jobs

Pen and a paper with corrections marked
Pen and a paper with corrections marked

If you have impeccable English grammar skills and an eye for detail, then online proofreading jobs are for you. Find work as editors or proofreaders at the following sites. There are many companies that hire editors as freelancers periodically. Below mentioned companies can be explored for online proofreading jobs:

Average Income ₹4.5 LPA
Required Skills Strong communication, attention to detail, familiar with the word, editorial software and spreadsheets

7. YouTube

Girl Shooting Video for YouTube
Girl Shooting Video for YouTube

Due to its popularity, YouTube is one of India’s easiest ways to earn money. If you have the skills in a particular topic, you can create a YouTube channel and start posting videos around it as it is one of the most popular best way to make money on YouTube. As you gain an audience and a good number of views, you can start monetizing your account. You can set up an account with Google Adsense and start earning money per thousand views.

You can get around 3-4 lakhs with each video if your channel gets millions of views. But reaching this level will take a lot of hard work and patience. Try and make unique and creative content so that you stand out from the audience and have more subscribers.

How Much can you Earn from YouTube

Video Views Estimated Earnings (in dollars) Estimated Earnings (in ₹)
10K $50 to $80 ₹200 to ₹500
100K $500 to $2,500 ₹2,000 to ₹5,000
1 million $3,400 to $40,000 ₹7,000 to ₹30,000
150 million $80,000 to $100,000 ₹1,50,000 to ₹6,00,000
Required skill Engaging narrative, research, video editing, sound editing, network & marketing abilities, time management

8. Selling on Social Media

Facebook product page
Facebook profile

You can start a business on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Creating an account on these platforms is free of cost, and you can easily sell items made by you on these platforms. All you need to do is share images and videos showcasing your products.

Some of the top social media platforms to sell:

9. Freelancing

Freelancing illustration
Freelancing illustration
Average Income ₹4 LPA
Required Skills Time management, communication, expertise in a particular field, sales & negotiating skills, persistence and motivation

As a freelancer, you can work from the comfort of your home and on your own time. You won’t be restricted to working for anyone specific, which means that you can take up multiple projects and work at your convenience. There are many types of freelancing jobs available, like data entry, content writing, web & graphic designing, etc.

Some of the most used Freelancing platforms:

Also, if you wish to know more about taking a freelancing job, then check out our step-by-step guide on earning money by Freelancing in India.

10. Captcha solver

captcha image
Captcha source

You can earn a side income by becoming a captcha solver. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Captcha solving means that you need to read the captcha images and write the same characters through the software. You just need to have a fast-typing speed and a laptop with good internet speed to start as a captcha solver. There are many captcha-solving sites like

11. Virtual Assistant

illustration of an virtual assistant
illustration of a virtual assistant
Average Income ₹2.9 LPA
Required Skills Communication skills, time management, attention to detail, planning & scheduling skills, familiarity with social media, basic research & writing skills

You can become a virtual assistant and offer administrative services to clients from your home. As you are a virtual assistant, you don’t need to be physically present for this job.

You can do various tasks for your clients like content writing & proofreading, coding, data entry, graphic designing, social media management, research, counselling, etc.

Some of the websites that offer virtual assistant jobs

12. Micro jobs

Micro jobs are another way of earning some side income. Micro jobs are nothing but doing simple tasks online on different websites and getting paid for them.

Micro jobs include tasks like downloading an app, signup on a website, doing research, writing small articles, watching a video, checking ads rating, finding contact details, etc.

You can get started on websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, SEOClerk, etc.

13. Transcriber

An individual listening to audio and converting them into text
An individual listening to audio and converting them into text

Transcribing is one of the best ways to make money online in 2023 and it requires zero investment. It involves listening to audio files and converting them into text for presentations, articles, feedback, and much more. Many transcribing jobs are available online, and they pay well in exchange for your time spent listening to lengthy audio files and converting them into text as per their client’s requirements.

14. Content Creator

A woman creating content for social media
A woman creating content for social media

People’s views of the world have changed because of social media. Smartphones have taken the role of devices like televisions, laptops, and tablets in terms of how people like to be entertained. Everyone is familiar with websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. By producing interesting, informative, relatable material that helps the public or makes them laugh, you can grow an audience on any platform. Thanks to short-form content like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, anybody can become famous overnight. Money for content creation can be earned in different ways including sponsorships, advertisements, paid partnerships, and more.

15. Blogger


Starting a blog can be the ideal side hustle if you have something to say that people would find interesting. Every topic can be written about on a platform you develop for readers. Blogging can help you make money through affiliate deals, Google Ads, and sponsored content, to name a few. However, before working in this industry, it’s crucial to grasp skills like web design, SEO, and content writing. These skills will help you create a steady income stream in no time.

16. Reseller

A man packing products
A man packing products

Reselling involves purchasing goods to resell them. Individuals can purchase goods in bulk and resell them to the general public for retail prices. Given that it does not involve any capital from the businessperson, reselling can grow into a successful internet business. All you need to do is establish a network of wholesalers and attempt to reach out to the public through various channels, such as a website, chat services, or an online storefront. Resellers can make good money by charging margins on the products or even taking commissions from their wholesale clients.

17. Social Media Consultant

Social media apps
Social media apps source

Social media consulting can be a great way to make money online if you are someone who can identify newer trends on social media, is informed about the different existing and emerging social media platforms, and knows how to work on a social media platform to build a following. Social media consultants can assist their clients in areas such as the timing of publication, type of content, audience interaction, and more in return for great compensation.

18. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a straightforward business idea that involves selling products to consumers by searching online for vendors that will provide goods at a discount so you can mark them up and make a profit. Many vendors are available to supply goods, which might range from computers and clothing to jewelry and healthy food. To market and sell the products, you will need your website and/or e-commerce storefront.

20. Publish eBooks

eBook source

To earn money online, individuals can write and distribute eBooks if they have some knowledge on a particular subject. Just make sure the subject you choose for your blog post is appropriate. Given that your audience visits your site due to your topic or speciality, doing this will boost your odds of earning a sale. You may also create a mailing list and inform potential customers about your ebook via email.

21. Publish an Online Course

Entrepreneurs can sell online courses on an eLearning platform or their website if they are an expert in a certain topic and enjoy generating educational resources. Although using an eLearning platform is simpler, building an eLearning website provides more freedom and control over the course formats and monetization options. Aside from videos and presentations, you can also provide courses in eBooks, podcasts, and eBooks.

22. Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry
Data Entry

A data entry clerk oversees entering data into a computer program from numerous sources. Addresses, financial information, or survey results are different kinds of data. Data clerks are expected to frequently update data, perform database backup and security activities, and prepare reports in addition to adding new information to a digital database. To make sure that all information can be quickly retrieved when needed, they must keep track of and arrange databases and other required papers.

23. Customer Service Representative

Image of a Customer Service Representative talking to the consumer via telephone.
Image of a Customer Service Representative talking to the consumer via telephone.

Customer service employees are responsible for responding to inquiries and complaints from clients over the phone, through chat, or in person. This involves accepting orders from customers, handling grievances or product returns, and responding to inquiries about goods or services. Due to the necessity of having a customer support department open 24/7, representatives frequently work full-time in set shifts. Also, they frequently attend training beforehand to become acquainted with the instruments they will employ as well as the company’s goods and services. Different websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and more can help you find Customer Service jobs.

24. Become a Digital Marketer

Image of a Girl Surfing on Social Media
Image of a Girl Surfing on Social Media

People can establish a digital marketing agency and sell their consulting services through the internet. Marketing consultants assist business owners in attracting their target markets and enhancing sales results. To help websites rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs), attract more traffic, and create leads, digital marketers offer SEO services. By creating and implementing marketing strategies across numerous social media platforms, marketers may also provide social media management services. Better audience involvement and brand familiarity are fostered by these efforts. A great social media manager monitors social media data for improved outcomes, stays current on trends, and pinpoints a brand’s target market.

25. App Testing

Girl debugging app
Girl debugging app

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone or computer. Testing applications and websites are one of the simplest ways to make money online. Companies and app developers engage consumers to perform what is known as “Beta Testing” since they do not want users to be perplexed by their new applications. Before they go live to the public, app testers test out websites or applications and then report their user experience or find any flaws.

26. Get Paid for Your Habits

There are different lifestyle apps on the internet that enables users to generate passive income from their regular activities, such as shopping, reading the news, playing games, watching videos, etc. By using your phone as you normally would, you can generate a decent passive income through your smartphone.


Now that you know about the top ways to earn money online, it is time to get started. The key to success is putting in continuous hard work and effort. You need to be consistent and give time to see the money coming in. Try to keep a clear head and positively approach your clients. Today, many people are earning through freelancing in India, and you can become a part of it too.

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How much can we earn online?

There is no right answer to this. Your earnings will depend on the type of work you do and your experience. As a beginner, your earnings will be low, but as you have established yourself in a particular niche, your earnings can significantly increase.

What are the best platforms to earn online without investment?

Some of the best platforms to earn money online without investment are EarnKaro, Fiverr, Amazon, and Upwork.

What is the best profitable part-time business to start online without investment?

Some of the best profitable part-time businesses to start online without investment are affiliate marketing, selling homemade items, dropshipping, print-on-demand, virtual event planning, and social media management.

What are the best apps for online earning without investment?

Some of the best apps for online earning without investment are EarnKaro, Google opinion rewards, Taskbucks, Swagbucks, and Roz Dhan.

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